Annual Review of Psychology, vol 50 1999 by Janet T. Spence

By Janet T. Spence

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And what researchers learn about the determinants of intracultural differences in development should, in turn, suggest ways of helping children who need such help to acquire socially and academically useful competencies in this area (Flavell 1997). Finally, progress will be made in 42 FLAVELL identifying the neural bases of mentalistic thinking, and this finding may lead to a better understanding of normal and abnormal (especially autistic) development in this important area (Fletcher et al 1995).

1997. Recent convergences between metacognitive and theory-of-mind research in children. Presented at Meet. Soc. Res. , Washington, DC Flavell JH, Green FL, Flavell ER. 1986. Development of knowledge about the appearance-reality distinction. Monogr. Soc. Res. Child Dev. 51(1, Ser. 212) Flavell JH, Green FL, Flavell ER. 1995a. The development of children’s knowledge about attentional focus. Dev. Psychol. 31: 706–12 Flavell JH, Green FL, Flavell ER. 1995b. Young children’s knowledge about thinking.

Young children’s conceptualization of pretense: action or mental representational state? Child Dev. 64: 372–86 Lillard AS. 1996. Body or mind: children’s categorization of pretense. Child Dev. 67: 1717–34 Lillard AS. 1998a. Ethnopsychologies: cultural variations in theories of mind. Psychol. Bull. 123:3–32 Lillard AS. 1998b. Ethnopsychologies: reply to Gauvain and Wellman. Psychol. Bull. 123:43–46 Lillard AS. 1998c. Wanting to be it: children’s understanding of intentions underlying pretense. Child Dev.

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