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Best criminology books

Fraud 101: Techniques and Strategies for Detection

Exact insights into the character of fraud and the way to reveal it It’s now not sufficient to attend for a tip to reveal company fraud. Fraud one zero one, moment variation offers step by step assistance on tips on how to practice detection systems for each significant kind of fraud. Its new and certain case experiences demonstrate how effortless it may be for a wrongdoer to dedicate a fraud and the way tough it may be to prosecute.

Prison, Inc.: A Convict Exposes Life Inside a Private Prison (Alternative Criminology)

Felony, Inc. offers a first-hand account of lifestyles at the back of bars in a debatable new form of criminal facility: the personal felony. those for-profit prisons have gotten more and more well known as kingdom budgets get tighter. but as privatization is noticeable as an important and cost-saving degree, no longer a lot is understood approximately how those amenities are run and whether they can successfully watch over this hard and hazardous inhabitants.

The Psychology of Theft and Loss: Stolen and Fleeced

Why will we scouse borrow? this query has confounded every person from mom and dad to judges, academics to psychologists, economists to quite a lot of ethical thinkers. Stealing could be a results of deprivation, of envy, or of a wish for strength and impression. An act of robbery may also bring about someone’s hidden features – mockingly proving necessary to their own improvement.

Female Delinquency From Childhood To Young Adulthood: Recent Results from the Pittsburgh Girls Study

This short fills a spot in criminological literature, as there are few empirically-based reports on delinquency of adolescent women. It offers result of a longitudinal learn, The Pittsburgh ladies research (PGS), together with 2,451 women, each year from age 10-19, the a while while legal habit has a tendency to emerge.

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This model provides a number of other implications; we list a few here. First, an increase in the range of expected stakes (that is, an increase in dH − dL or an increase in p) or a decrease in either litigant’s court costs leads to a reduction in the likelihood of settlement. Second, redistribution of court costs from one litigant to the other (that is, adjustments in tP and tD , holding T fixed) has no impact on the likelihood of settlement or on the magnitude of the social cost. Third, a cap on damages (if modeled as a reduction in dH ) leads to a reduction in the 5 The requirement that d∗ < dH means that, for screening to be an equilibrium, we require p(dH − dL ) > T.

Studies of these differences are badly needed. The punishment of children is perhaps the primary social locus in which punishment behaviors are defined and transmitted. Much the same can be said about spousal beating, which is tolerated (or encouraged) to widely different degrees in different societies. The punishment of workers, both in the workplace and at home, is also badly in need of comparative study. Corporal punishment of workers mostly ended in 24 WHITMAN the Western world in the nineteenth century.

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