An Islamic Court in Context: An Ethnographic Study of by E. Stiles

By E. Stiles

Stiles makes use of in-depth ethnographic learn of judicial reasoning and litigant task in Islamic family members court docket in Zanzibar, Tanzania to attract new and critical conclusions on how humans comprehend and use Islamic felony principles in marital disputes.

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Political districts were divided into shehias, which in the rural areas consisted of groups of several villages, each of which was presided over by a sheha. In the northern region of Unguja, where I conduct research, the Watumbatu people were governed by a sheha who was under some authority of a ruler known as mwinyi mkuu until the mid-nineteenth century. The mwinyi mkuu was the historical leader of the Wahadimu people of central Unguja, who presided over a hierarchical system of 16 An Islamic Court in Context local government and had legal authority (Ingrams 1931).

1 Bi Amina had come to ask the court to require her former husband to take custody of their several children. She was in her forties, and recently experienced her third divorce from as many husbands. She had several children from that marriage. I learned that she lived only a 20-minute walk from my house, and I visited her several times over the next few months. Amina lived in a tiny two-room mud and thatch home that she called by the somewhat derogatory term kibanda (hut). She lived only with her children—she had no other family members nearby—and made an extremely modest living by farming a plot of land near her house.

Things like that. I asked which Sufi order he followed, the Shadhiliyya or the Qadiriyya, both of which have a significant presence in Zanzibar (Purpura 1997). I followed the Shadhiliyya in this chuo of Shaykh Tayyib. Then I continued until 1959, when I joined the chuo that was led by Muhammad Ayyubu in Tanga. We studied things like praise of the prophet. . 3 I stayed there until 1963, and then I joined a chuo that was led by Shaykh Muhammad Ramia in the city of Bagamoyo, [near] Dar es Salaam.

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