An Essay on Taste by Alexander Gerard

By Alexander Gerard

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Audio system, of their daily conversations, use language to speak about language. they could ask yourself approximately what phrases suggest, to whom a reputation refers, no matter if a sentence is right. they could fear whether or not they were transparent, or safely expressed what they intended to claim. That audio system could make such inquiries implies a level of entry to the complicated array of information and abilities underlying our skill to talk, and even though this entry is incomplete, we however can shape in this foundation ideals approximately linguistic issues of substantial subtlety, approximately ourselves and others.


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1 1. C 4 lime Of 24 the tajle of lime natural objects, and them (/) features or, j and PART . fuggeft I. ideas of by the exprefiivenefs of the of the figures, lead us attitudes to conceive fublime paffions operating in the And fo complete is the power of originals. affociation, that a fkillful painter can exprefs any degree of fublimity in the fmalleft, as It well as in the largefl compafs. appears in the miniatures of Julio C/ovio, as really as in the paintings of Titian or Michelangelo. THE fublime of thofe inftrument of imitation arts, is in which the muft language, evidently arife entirely from affociation ; as it is the only principle, from which words derive their force (/) It may be and meaning.

Imagination on the inconveniences which muft arife from the unfkill, We fitnefs of the ftructure ; we form ftrong ideas of them, which produce almoft the fame uneafy Of the 42 tafte PART of beatify. eafy fentiments and paflions, as if we I. actually experienced them ; and by this means often obliterate all the pleafing impreflions, which the other qualities of the object might have But when, on examination, the fitnefs of all the parts appears, the fatisfaction, caufed. with which we think on the {kill and ingenuity thus difplayed, communicates itfelf to the effect fo nearly allied to it, fo clofely connected with it by caufation and : we fympa- thetically enter into a ftrong feeling of the delight which muft attend the pofleffion or ufe of what THE is fo well defigned beauty of colours and executed.

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