American book publishing record, Volume 44 by R.R. Bowker Company

By R.R. Bowker Company

It is a single-volume resource of trustworthy info on crucial replacement religions, overlaying for every such necessities as heritage, theology, impression at the tradition, and present prestige. The chapters of the booklet have been written by way of specialists who learn the events they've got written approximately.

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In one sense, however, the "many gods" problem may be rationally solvable by using Anselm's definition of God as "that than which a greater cannot be conceived" as Lycan and Schlesinger point out (1989:275-78). The Wager requires not that one choose a god to one's taste, but that the God which one chooses must be the greater than any other, for this God and only this God holds out the possibility of the greatest (infinite) gain. Worship of any other god would be like participating in a practice with finite benefit.

The issue is not one of simply adding a new belief (belief in God) to our store of already-accepted beliefs, but the question of which beliefs are the central and distinctive convictions that we ought to hold (compare Tilley 1978:12-18 on Flew). Both internalist and externalist accounts misportray the practical-intellectual issues. But if the usual philosophical approaches are not only wrong in their presumptions about the positions of those practically engaged in argument, but also of little use in practical disputes, is there no practice for resolving overarching and life-determining practical issues except the desultory polemics and the self-serving rhetoric whose posturing is open to Montaigne's withering analysis?

Whatever elegance the book has owes much to them. Mary Sartor, SND, graduate assistant at the University of Dayton helped prepare the index. Joanne Beirise, Marietta Geray, OSB, and the office team at the University of Dayton also helped in uncountable ways to make it possible for me to attend to work on this book. The "suffering spouse" who stands behind this book is the patient and supportive Maureen A. Tilley. Our partnership is conditio sine qua non for all my work. The dedication is to our daughters who have endured having two parents in academia.

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