Alchemy Companion (Rolemaster RPG) by Tim Taylor

By Tim Taylor

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The integration of body and spirit is made possible by the polyvalent capacity of theatrical space. Philosophically, Calderon inherited these and the related concerns of metaphysical dualism from conflicts of the Platonic and Aristotelian elements embedded in Thomistic thought. For the Platon- 28 THE LIMITS OF ILLUSION ist, psyche and soma were originally separate and fundamentally different entities; the unity of the two, any conflation of body and spirit, sense and intellect, is necessarily illusory.

Si tuviera necesidad mi valor de satisfacciones, crea vuestra arrogancia de mi, que no me fuera sin ella. Preguntar en que os ofende [en que os agravia o molesta], merece mas cortesia; y pues la Corte la ensefia, no la pongais el mal nombre de que un forastero venga 3^ THE LIMITS OF ILLUSION a ensenarla a los que tienen obligacion de saberla. (n, 240a) (If my valor were in need of excuses, then let your arrogance think that it was not I but she. ) It is against Manuel's honor that Angela is able to fashion herself as a complete person.

He looks to the philosophical, scientific, aesthetic, and political bases of man's condition. The crucial difference between Calderon's theatrical idea and Dante's, though, is perhaps more simply stated. The difference is formal, or rather theatrical. As a play, La vida es sueno excels in its use of representation in the service of its own critique. Calderon knows that the theatre can be indicted as illicit illusion, as illusory spectacle, that the mirror in which we represent ourselves can be alluringly deceptive.

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