Aikido Weapons Techniques: The Wooden Sword, Stick, and by Phong Thong Dang

By Phong Thong Dang

Even supposing Aikido is frequently regarded as a nonviolent, noncompetitive martial paintings, using guns was once brought through the art's founder O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. in truth, aikido concepts that use wood guns can increase all points of your perform, assisting you to appreciate either easy and complicated aikido technical strategies in addition to conceptual ideas and skills.

Building at the authors' trust that no empty-hand procedure is whole with out guns education, Aikido guns strategies: The wood Sword, Stick, and Knife of Aikido demonstrates weapon use either as a coaching device to higher illustrate aikido rules, and as a self-defense opposed to weapon assaults, targeting the 3 fundamental guns utilized in aikido:

  • Ken—the wood sword
  • Jo—the wood staff
  • Tanto—the wood knife

A entire dialogue of every weapon is incorporated, with descriptions of the stances, grips, options, kinds, defenses, and coaching acceptable for each.

With over 2 hundred step by step pictures and special directions, this e-book presents an in-depth exploration of guns use in aikido—from its religious implications to technical thought and useful use

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Hecu tc rhe second shomen-uchi , chamber omorc. :cc ut e a rs uki . rlde rs as the pivor point, and follow a vertical circular path upward. lcgrecs to the right hcncmh rhc ken . Execute the thi rd shlllllcn -uchi , chamber omorc , and CXL'cutc <1 tsuki . Raise yo ur· arms up , using your shou lders as the pivot poin t. and l"ollow a vnrical circ ular parh upwa rd Rotate or pivo t m your hips IHO degrees to rhe rear beneath the ken. Execute the founh sho men -uc hi , chamber omotc , and execu te a tsuki .

The defender follows up with a strike to the neck (Figure 2-52) and again to the wrist(Figure 2-53). XERCISE ~ Assume the appropriate ma-ai and ready stance (Figure 2-54). As the attacker raises his ken to prepare for a shomen-uchi downward strike, the defender enters immediately, off the attack line, and strikes to the attacker's abdominal area (Figure 2-55). Tuming or pivoting from the center and executing a tenkan (circular step), the defender allows the attack~r the forward momentum of his strike while executing a shometr-uchi.

In kendo competition, only specific targets are allowed, and metsuke (eye contact) and kiai (spirit yell) are very important. The body, the sword, and the yell must be unified on every strike. The four mental poisons to overcome through kendo training are fear, doubt, surprise, and confusion. Meditation and silence are used in kendo to create a mind free of thought and tension, so as to show no vulnerability. lai-do enjoys a close affiliation with kendo. Modern iai-do teaches the art of breathing and serenity of the spirit through drawing, wielding, and sheathing the sword.

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