Adventures of Pip and Flinx 05, For Love Of Mother Not by Alan Dean Foster

By Alan Dean Foster

He used to be only a freckle-faced, redheaded child with eco-friendly eyes and a unusually campelling stare while Mather Mastiff first observed him an the auctioneer's block. 100 credit and he was once hers.For years the outdated lady was once his in basic terms family members. She enjoyed him, fed him, taught him every thing she knew -- even permit him retain the lethal flying snake he known as Pip.Then mom Mastiff mysteriously disappeared and Flinx took Pip to tail her kidnappers. around the forests and swamps of the winged global referred to as Moth, their in simple terms guns have been Pip's venom . . . and Flinx's strange skills.

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Across the way, ragged snores came from the vicinity of Mother Mastiff’s bedroom. The loneliness he sensed was not hers. The feeling persisted into wakefulness. Not a dream, then, which had been his first thought. The back of his head hurt with the strength of it, but though the actual pain was beginning to fade, the emotion was still as strong as it had been in sleep. He did not wake Mother Mastiff as he inspected the rest of the kitchen area, the bathroom, and the single narrow closet. Quietly, he opened the front door and slipped out into the stall.

The snake stirred at the touch, opened its eyes, and stared at her. She jabbed at it again, harder this time, trying to work the bristles between the snake’s head and the boy’s exposed neck. It opened its mouth, and she instinctively jerked back, but it was only a yawn. Still sleepy, then, she thought. Good, its reactions would be slowed. Leaning forward again, she reached down and shoved hard on the broom. Several of the snake’s coils went rolling over to the side of the bed, and for the first time she had a glimpse of its brilliant coloring.

The critters were covered in a thick, silvery fur, and their little mouths were full of fine teeth. Each animal was as big around as Flinx’s thumb and as long as his forearm. They were not really worms but legless mammals that did very well in the refuse piles and composting garbage that filled the alleys of Drallar to overflowing. He had heard horror stories of old men and women who had fallen into a drunken stupor in such places—only their exposed bones remained for the finding. Flinx, however, was not drunk.

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