Advances in Psychiatry Second by G. N. Christodoulou, Editor

By G. N. Christodoulou, Editor

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2005;16(suppl 1):72-78. Carlos E. com 29 SERVIER-WPA_v07 29/07/05 14:41 Page 30 SERVIER-WPA_v07 29/07/05 14:41 Page 31 Psychopathology 31 SERVIER-WPA_v07 29/07/05 14:41 Page 32 SERVIER-WPA_v07 29/07/05 14:41 Page 33 Advances in Psychiatry (Editor: G. N. Christodoulou) Vol II, 2005, pp 33-38 Current advances in intellectual disabilities (mental retardation) L. Salvador-Carulla, H. Costello, N. Bouras Section on Psychiatry of Mental Retardation, World Psychiatric Association Introduction tions. This change has produced a useful international debate.

The MEROPE group in Europe has provided an international training package for carers based on UK programs (Tsiantis et al, 2004). Conclusions In sum, individuals with ID constitute a heterogeneous group encompassing a broad range of abilities and skills. Difficulties in self-reporting along with differences in presentation challenge the validity of current assessment techniques. Nevertheless, the presence of mental health problems in a high proportion of individuals with ID indicates the importance of providing effective support and treatment strategies for addressing mental health needs.

Lunsky Y, Palucka AM. Depression in Intellectual Disability. Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2004;17(5):359-363. 15. Martin G, Costello H, Leese M, Slade M, Bouras N, Higgins S, Holt G: An exploratory study of assertive community treatment for people with intellectual disability and psychiatric disorders: conceptual, clinical, and service issues. J Intell Disabil Res. 2005. In press. 16. McCallion P, McCarron M. Aging and intellectual disabilities: a review of recent literature. Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2004;17:349-352.

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