Advanced Mechanical Models of DNA Elasticity by Yakov M Tseytlin

By Yakov M Tseytlin

Advanced Mechanical types of DNA Elasticity contains insurance on 17 varied DNA versions and the position of elasticity in organic services with broad references. the unconventional complex helicoidal version defined displays the direct connection among the molecule helix constitution and its particular homes, together with nonlinear good points and transitions. It offers an creation to the kingdom of the sphere of DNA mechanics, identified and customary versions with their brief research, in addition to assurance on experimental tools and knowledge, the impression of electric, magnetic, ionic stipulations at the patience size, and dynamics with viscosity effect. It then addresses the necessity to comprehend the character of the non-linear overstretching transition of DNA below strength and why DNA has a detrimental twist-stretch coupling.

  • Includes assurance of 17 modern types of DNA mechanics with analysis
  • Provides comparability of DNA and RNA mechanical features
  • Covers advances in experimental ideas together with AFM, X-ray, and optical tweezers
  • Contains broad references for additional reading

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