About the Holy Bible by Robert G. Ingersoll

By Robert G. Ingersoll

The phrases 'blasphemy', 'evil' and 'pagan' have been hurled at Robert Ingersoll via the prepared Christian Church from the instant he made his first assertion from the pulpit. And, despite their unanimous rejection, his phrases survive via this present day. As proven during this textual content his prose was once terse, biting, slicing and a little conceited for he felt it used to be his objective to convey the sacred scriptures into the glare of a extra sensible realm. Deemed as being written thousands of years after the actual fact, he observed the Bible as being not anything greater than an exhaggerated sequence of folks stories that have been passed down by means of a handful of people that, for his or her personal solidarity and significance, self-proclaimed themselves as being 'God's selected ones'. whereas Mr. Ingersoll deals no clinical evidence that his statements have validity (other than easy logic) he asks the questions that experience caused the doubt and anger that religionists have repressed during the centuries. From Galileo notwithstanding Darwin through...

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Is there anything worth reading in the first and second books of Samuel? Ought a prophet of God to hew a captured king in pieces? Is the story of the ark, its capture and return of importance to us? Is it possible that it was right, just and merciful to kill fifty thousand men because they had looked into a box? Of what use to us are the wars of Saul and David, the stories of Goliath and the Witch of Endor? Why should Jehovah have killed Uzzah for putting forth his hand to steady the ark, and forgiven David for murdering Uriah and stealing his wife?

He is never heard of again. No one takes the slightest interest in the man who returned from the realm of death. Luke is the only one who tells the story. Maybe Matthew, Mark and John never heard of it, or did not believe it and so failed to record it. John says that Lazarus was raised from the dead; Matthew, Mark and Luke say nothing about it. It was more wonderful than the raising of the widow's son. He had not been laid in the tomb for days. He was only on his way to the grave, but Lazarus was actually dead.

What an administration! VII THE NEW TESTAMENT. Who wrote the New Testament? Christian scholars admit that they do not know. They admit that, if the four gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, they must have been written in Hebrew. And yet a Hebrew manuscript of any one of these gospels has never been found. All have been and are in Greek. So, educated theologians admit that the Epistles, James and Jude, were written by persons who had never seen one of the four gospels. In these Epistles -- in James and Jude -- no reference is made to any of the gospels, nor to any miracle recorded in them.

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