A Skywatcher's Year by Jeff Kanipe

By Jeff Kanipe

In case you have ever watched taking pictures stars graze the sky or questioned a few really vivid aspect of sunshine close to the horizon, then this is often the booklet for you. A Skywatcher's yr is the authoritative advisor to obvious our bodies within the evening sky all year long. via fifty-two essays, Jeff Kanipe publications you to celestial occasions and phenomena that happen or are obvious with the bare eye and binoculars for every week of the 12 months. He acquaints you not just with up to date astronomical details on stars, nebulae, meteors, the Milky method, and galaxies, but in addition conveys the sweetness and sweetness of the evening sky. protecting either the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, A Skywatcher's yr is helping readers locate admired stars and constellations, vivid superstar clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, and explains how and while to watch well-known annual meteor showers. Kanipe additionally examines the main frequently-observed celestial physique, the Moon, and the interesting lore surrounding it. A wealthy and jargon-free examine the sky during the 4 seasons, this enticing publication will provide new dimensions to yard star-gazing.

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March 29 – April 4 Finding true south The Northern Hemisphere has the bright North Star as its guiding light to astronomers, navigators, surveyors, and Boy Scouts everywhere. Not so the Southern Hemisphere. The place in the sky toward which Earth’s south polar axis points appears virtually starless. Except, that’s not exactly true. Sigma (σ) Octantis, which can just be seen with the unaided eye in a dark sky, is designated Polaris Australe, the South Pole star. 03° from the pole, but unlike the north celestial pole star, it’s not getting any closer.

Donald Menzel, reviser of Martha Evans Martin’s classic work, The Friendly Stars, proposes that Auriga may delineate the chariot driven by Neptune or Poseidon, god of the sea, pulled by a team of sea horses. The beauty of this explanation is that it brings to the celestial stage this deity of the sea who, though not normally represented in the famous mythological star tale ‘The rescue of Andromeda’ (see October 11 – 17), plays a catalytic role. January 25 – 31 25 Several other charioteers in ancient literature are said to represent Auriga, but the two most popular are Erichthonius and Myrtilos.

The equinox marks the passage of the Sun as it drifts north across the celestial equator – an imaginary projection of Earth’s equator into space. If we could observe Earth from above the Sun’s north pole – the direction of which is coincident with Earth’s north pole – we would see our little planet plodding along in a counterclockwise direction. * This subtle motion is superimposed on the not-at-all subtle effect of our rotating planet, which makes the Sun appear to move from east to west in a span of several hours.

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