101 Youth Rugby Drills (101 Drills) by Chris Sheryn

By Chris Sheryn

The perform bible for adolescence rugby coaches. Designed in particular for more youthful gamers, a hundred and one adolescence Rugby Drills encompasses a variety of innovative perform drills to aid younger avid gamers improve. enjoyable, academic and demanding, all drills are illustrated and canopy the basic technical abilities required to introduce rugby, together with: * warming up and cooling down * dealing with the ball * working with the ball * operating off the ball * attacking and shielding styles. in addition to easy-to-use directions, every one drill includes info on the apparatus wanted, the gap required, tips to build a secure and powerful work out and the way to organise the avid gamers.

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Description: Place the cones (A, B, C, D) as shown in the diagram, creating a 3 m by 5 m grid. Player 1 stands in the centre of the grid with a tackle shield, ready to take contact. Players 2, 3 and 4 are at the end of the grid between cones A and B, with the ball on the floor just in front of them. On the coach’s command, player 2 gathers the ball and then drives into the shield in an attempt to move it back 1 m. As before, player 2 falls to the floor after contact, keeping the ball close and secure.

The reverse, or scissor pass, sends player 3 into the resulting gap. Timing is everything – this drill allows players to experiment with how late they can leave a run and what happens if they crowd the pass. Progression: Remove the cones, and see if the lines of running alter. The most common effect is that players immediately drift rather than running up and then across in a definite change of direction. 44 101 Youth Rugby Drills 603K_tx 8/25/06 9:40 AM Page 45 drill 36 scissor move 2 Objective: To develop the scissor move.

Equipment: Four cones and one ball per team. Description: Place the cones as shown, creating a 5 m by 8 m grid. Divide the players into teams of three, and ask them to line up in an attacking line, with player 1 in possession of the ball on the left hand side of the grid. Player 1 runs out and makes a pass to player 2 who in turn passes to player 3. Player 2 now runs around behind to take a short pass on the right of player 3. All players run through to the end of the grid. Coaching points: When performed accurately, this simple skill is very difficult to defend against, and it is important that the coach is constantly on the lookout for good form: • player 3 must run dead straight to fix the defender.

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