Our Story How Komotodo Sushi Burrito Was Born

How It All Began

While traveling Asia in late 2013, I stumbled across a small restaurant serving oversized sushi rolls filled with delicious meats, fruits and vegetables. After having one bite, I knew right away that I’ve had nothing like this ever before. My love for sushi and burritos was unparalleled and something had to be done. After getting back to Colorado I immediately began doing market research and hosted many sushi burrito tasting parties at my house and EVERYONE was ecstatic about the idea and taste. From then, Komotodo was born.

What does “Komotodo” mean you ask?

There is a secret meaning behind our name. Take a guess what it means… It’s two words combined; “Como” and ” Todo”. Together, those two words mean “I eat everything” in Spanish. We changed the “C” to a “K” to give it more of a Japanese look and sound. A sushi burrito is Asian fused with Spanish type of food, hence giving it the perfect name of KOMOTODO.

Alonzo, Owner/Operator